Thursday, June 27, 2013

Style Crush: Pretty Little Liars

I know this show has been on the air for four seasons now (and is renewed for a fifth and has also prompted a spin-off!), but I just recently started watching it on Netflix. I'm still on season one, but already I am finding myself admiring the characters' styling and making mental notes for outfit ideas.

Although the characters are in high school -- or maybe because of it -- their style is a blend of trendy, youthful, and edgy, and I think that a lot of their outfits can translate to the real world. Each of the four main characters has her own style, and I find myself especially drawn to Aria's and Hanna's, and also often admiring Spencer's. (I'm also digging Emily's outfit in the image above, it would be a perfect look for rides on the husband's motorcycle!)

So judge me, if you will, for switching gears from my usual sci-fi and fantasy fare to a teen drama, but I'm 18 episodes in and have no plans of stopping!

xo, Kellie

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