Wednesday, June 5, 2013


necklace - gift from Barcelona (buy similar) | shirt - Forever 21 (buy similar)
skirt - Marshalls (buy similar) | Franco Sarto wedges - Marshalls (buy)

I've had this outfit in my head for three weeks, and I finally worked up the courage to wear it to work today. By the time I got home and got my camera set up, it was starting to rain (yay, hurricane season in Florida!) and my camera didn't want to un-fog, so I didn't end up with the best images. But dangit, I got this outfit photographed, and managed to suck in my stomach enough to feel comfortable posting the picture.

Has anyone decided to follow along with me while I do my Fit is in Fashion series? I'm on day four today, and I am SO SORE! Let me know if you're working on getting in shape as well, I'd love some tips and peer pressure motivation!

xo, Kellie

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