Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pattern Mixer

necklace - heirloom (buy similar pendant) | Merona belt - Target (buy)
dress - Marshalls (buy similar) | Franco Sarto wedges - Marshalls (buy similar)

What did I learn while wearing this outfit? 1. Don't go to Walmart "dressed up" or even remotely presentable-looking unless you want to be leered at by every male between the ages of 18 and 50 that walks by (even while your husband is right next to you). 2. Wear mixed patterns to Walmart (or really, in public at all) with caution and thick skin. I got some sideways glances and even caught a girl whispering to her friend when she thought I wasn't looking.

There was a time when catching people talking about me -- or even suspecting that people were talking about me -- would send me into a spiral that could undo years of confidence boosting and send me running to my closet to put on the most generic ensemble I could find. But you know what? I am the only person that I get dressed for, with the secondary goal of my husband also giving me his stamp of approval. Everything after that is just a bonus, and if people (forgive my snarkiness, but I should say poorly dressed people) insist on being so small-minded that making fun of or expressing their distaste about my choice to wear leopard print with stripes is something they find necessary, then let them make fun. I'm glad the highlight of my day doesn't involve not-so-covertly whispering about someone's outfit when I'm wearing an outfit that hasn't fit me since 50 pounds ago.

Phew. That's a side of my you've never seen, eh?

xo, Kellie

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