Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Visitor

necklace - heirloom (buy similar) | shirt - TJ Maxx (buy similar)
jeans - Forever 21 (buy) | Mossimo flats - Target (buy)

I wasn't even planning to share this outfit, since it ended up looking a lot more boring in photographs than it did in person, but I thought it was worth sharing in order to tell a little anecdote:

As you can probably tell, I take my outfit pictures in my backyard. My camera is placed in front of the sliding glass doors leading into my house, so I'm looking into the house while taking my photos, and my dog, Elwood, is usually looking out at me. 

As I was taking photos this day, I heard a rustling behind me, turned around, and saw that a tiny little puppy from the house next door had slipped through the fence and into my yard. I'm a huge dog person, so as soon as I see a dog -- and especially a puppy -- any concentration that had been dedicated to anything else is gone. 

I could hear my neighbor next door calling to the dog, so I tried to call it over to me to help him out. When Elwood saw that puppy running to me, he lost it. He started barking and whining and jumping at the GLASS doors to try to get out. Needless to say, my photo shoot was over and I had only ten photos to work with, when usually I take at least twice that many. But I got a photo with my little visitor in it, and that's what counts!

xo, Kellie

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